Private Law

Titan Law serves a wide variety of clients in respect of all legal matters relating to the individual, child or married couples.
Our experience, gleaned from years of exposure in the banking sector, means that we have a thorough appreciation of estate planning, particularly for high net worth individuals and those involved in trades and ventures involving unusual risk.
We are able to provide advice and assistance in setting up local private trusts and associated companies to offset tax, exchange control, credit and related risks.
Many individuals consult us on the drafting of simple Wills.
Titan Law also has experience in instituting, defending and settling divorce actions out of the High Court of Zimbabwe, including related child custody and maintenance issues.
Our discretion in this area of the law has often meant that many of our clients, some of them high profile persons holding public position, have been able to settle their matrimonial issues quietly without unwarranted publicity and controversy.
At a more sober level, the firm through its name partner, is licensed to administer and execute deceased estates and related probate issues. It has handled a number of estates with considerable value.
We cover the following private law matters, generally:-
  • Immigration and Nationality
  • Estate planning
  • Matrimonial disputes & child protection
  • Divorces
  • Child maintenance, custody & access
  • Trusts
  • Wills
  • Deceased estates