Welcome to Titan Law

In mythology, the titans ruled the universe as a group of powerful deities, held in high regard and respected as the givers of human law; the deciders of fate. 
Similarly, we seek in all that we do, to excel and rise above the ordinary in executing our clients' mandates. Nothing else matters. 
The owl is our symbol. 
In some cultures, the owl doesn’t even have a name. In Cameroon for example, it is simply referred to as ‘the bird that makes you afraid’. However, in many other cultures it is a symbol of good fortune. 
In Greek mythology, the ‘little owl’ was the messenger of Athene, the goddess of wisdom, hence the phrase ‘wise old owl’. If an owl flew over an army, it was a sign of imminent victory.
Many ancient coins contain the symbol of the owl as protection for trade and commerce. 
The symbol of the owl thus, in many respects, epitomizes the ethos and attitude of Titan Law.
Titan Law is first and foremost about business law. 
Titan Law is not about dispensing mundane, boilerplate legal advice, punctuated with meaningless exculpatory caveats.
Titan Law is about courageously applying the wisdom of the law, its precedents and contextualizing these in a manner that is both insightful and, importantly, of practical relevance and application to the client. 
Titan Law is fiercely and uncompromisingly protective of its clients’ interests: Our approach to law, particularly litigation, is not about shirking from issues and actions deemed controversial, and to some, even dangerous or politically sensitive.
Our track record in this latter respect is a matter of public record: Titan Law is not shy or timid. It’s about putting a client’s interests first, and not giving mere lip service to the same.